Representative transactions

  1. Assisting seller(s) in selling (1) a metal products manufacturing business, (2) a sporting goods manufacturing and distribution business, (3) a printing business, (4) restaurants, (5) optometry practices, etc.
  2. Assisting buyers in buying (1) a printing business, (2) restaurant(s), (3) a limousine business, (4) fast food franchises, (5) optometry and chiropractic practices, etc.
  3. Extensive contracts to conduct research and develop sophisticated metal coatings on industrial products.
  4. Contracts dealing with a bio-medical device for pain relief
  5. The formation of LLC's to own and hold real estate
  6. Representing the purchaser of a large commercial building that was constructed specifically for the purchaser
  7. Representing companies in structuring venture capital investments for a start-up enterprises
  8. Forming charitable non-profit corporations
  9. Forming non-charitable non-profit corporations for social activities
  10. Forming corporations (over 100 formed)
  11. Forming professional limited liability companies (law, accounting, medical)